Eco-Friendly Farm

eco-friendly tree farmPeerless Farm’s 360-acre eco-friendly farm uses the finest quality mulch and organic fertilizers to grow our crop. We devote a lot of care to our crop so they are the best fed, hardiest, and longest lasting wholesale trees around.

Drip irrigation
Peerless Farm grows all of the trees under drip irrigation saving not only precious water, but also the energy it would require to run irrigation wells. Our drip irrigation system is operated and monitored by our trained groundskeepers in proper irrigation techniques. OurĀ  groundskeepers check each block of trees several times each day to assure each tree is getting the appropriate amount of water.
Organic Pest Control
Peerless Farm strives to use organic pest control methods first. Only when a threshold has been reached to an unacceptable risk level will we will utilize more conventional chemicals. When we do use conventional chemicals, we choose the eco-friendly alternatives such as biological pesticides to reduce the risk to our groundskeepers when performing chemical applications and other forms of pest control management.
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