Bubba Desert Willow

The Bubba Desert Willow is a superior selection with glossy, dark green, willow-like leaves. The Bubba Desert Willow is a very floriferous from late spring through fall producing deep lavender pink flowers.
Bubba Desert WillowBubba Desert Willow
This selection has a moderate growth rate which can reach a height of 20 to 25 feet.  Another attribute of this willow is the lack of seed set usually only producing a few pods a season.  The Bubba Desert Willow can be grown as a multi-trunk tree or as a single trunk standard. This drought and heat tolerant native is perfect for small back yards as a single specimen planting or planting in groups for a spectacular show of texture and flower production. Bubba Desert Willow was introduced by Paul Cox at the San Antonio Botanical Garden. Zone (7-9)
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