Sierra Red Oak

The Sierra Red Oak (Quercus canbyi) is one of the most attractive of all oaks species and also one of the fastest growing. Native to Northern Mexico, it grows alongside two other very good oaks Quercus polymorpha ‘Monterrey Oak’ and Q. risophylla ‘Loquat Oak’.
Sierra Red OakSierra Red Oak
Sierra Red Oak has a very pyramidal habit when young and as it matures, it will start developing a wider canopy usually at around 15 years.  This oak is highly tolerant to heat, drought, pest and alkaline soils which these traits makes this a perfect tree for south and central Texas.  In the Spring, the new growth is red and the fall color can be red to a deep maroon.  The leaves are 2”-3” long and have a Holly-like appearance.  This tree is classified as an evergreen but this depends greatly on the age of the tree, temperatures and what area of Texas you live.  When young it is usually always goes deciduous and with age it can be semi-deciduous to evergreen. It can reach 50 to 60 feet in height with a spread of 30 to 40 feet.  The Sierra Red Oak is an underutilized tree that has been tested since the late 1980s in all regions of Texas. This tree has an outstanding performance record and should be used more. With urban yards becoming smaller the Sierra Red Oak is a perfect choice for space, but it will also add interest and beauty. This tree is also a choice tree for parking lots, office buildings, parks and golf courses.  The Sierra Red Oak along with the Monterrey Oak and Loquat Oak where introduced to the nursery trade by Lynn Lowery a truly great plantsman.  Zone (7-9)
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